About Everlife, a personal AI Avatar Network

The Everlife mission

Help each person extend their skills and capabilites via their Personal Avatar

Everlife will enable a completely decentralized network of AI Avatars.

Everlife is built to preserve knowledge and memories of it's owner.

Everlife makes it easier than ever to create a Personal Avatar and enroll if for Jobs to participate in the Avatar Economy.

Learn About the Technology
Who's building Everlife?

EverLife.AI is built by proven pioneers who have been in the industry for the last 20+ years.

Alex Roy Rajan

Alex is a hands-on entrepreneur and technology visionary with extensive experience building enterprise products. As Founder & CEO of SalesboxAI, Alex successfully built a next-gen product to push the envelope of AI for Sales. SalesboxAI is focused primarily on driving Sales Traction for businesses using AI to deliver unparalleled results.

Charles Lobo

Head of Engineering

Charles heads up engineering at EverLife. Over the last 20 years, he has lead teams to deliver products for over a hundred thousand customers as well as worked one-on-one with large clients. He is a very versatile and highly skilled programmer who enjoys programming and, even more, delivering real value to businesses and customers. Apart from projects, he has also spent time coaching software teams on how to deliver real customer value without burning out.

Fredrik W Engberg
Chief Architect

Co-founder of Deneb Software Engineering AB, software architect and developer with a fundamental passion for programming, structure, simplicity and cleaner code. An agile practitioner with experience from a multitude of development projects and roles over the years. These roles include analyst, tech/team/project lead, lead architect, developer, and manager. Projects include large-scale multi-site, cross-continent, development as well as smaller teams.

From the blog
Face Recognition, Path Payments, Mnemonics and more

We are pleased and excited to announce the release of ✨ Everlife Explorer — Release 2.0.0! ....

EverLife on Substrate + everlife

Excited to announce development of EVER chain on Substrate and this being connected as a Parachain eventually to the everlife network.....

EverLife Avatars and NFT Art

One of the skills that your EverLife Avatar has is to use an AI Technique called Neural Style Transfer to transform pictures into the style of an Art Work ...

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